Spray Tanning:


Spray tanning is great for any special

occasion or for those unexpected things

that pop up at the last minute. Unlike

the spray tanning booths that leave you

uneven or a streaky mess, spray tanning

provides you a even glow. This service to

totally organic and doesn’t leave you

with that orange unnaturally look. 

Spray tanning can help you to look

thinner and healthier. This will last

about 10 days. No downtime.

Call us for your spray tan today!   $30


Bed Tanning;


We have sunvision 20 minute beds. 

These beds can provide a healthy

glow for the summer months and

you can continue to look healthy

during the winter months after

achieving your goal. We offer multiple

packages to save you money on all your

tanning needs.


1 Single session   $5

10 sessions   $40

1 Month unlimited   $55

3 Months unlimited   $110