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Red Light Therapy

To put it very simply, red light therapy is the practice of shining red light on yourself in a prescribed way in order to make you look younger, heal faster, reduce pain, or bring overall balance to your energy and endocrine systems. It has been proven effective for a wide range of healing and rejuvenating uses including anti-aging, hair loss prevention & regrowth, wound care, pain relief, and much more. Start red lighting today and enjoy better heath benefits!

Benefits include:

Reduced Skin Problems






Athlete's Foot


Pain Management

Herniated Disc

Bulging Disc

Sore Muscles




Nerve Pain


Neck and Back Pain/Stiffness

Sports Injuries

-Bone Fractures/Chips

-Tennis Elbow

-Golfers Elbow




Fine Lines


Age Spots

Acne Scars

Single Session: $15

1 Month (3 x a week) $60

3 Months (3 x a week) $100

Ion Cleansing

The ion foot bath uses osmosis for movement of particles through the body. Negative ions will course through the body collecting toxic substances thereby neutralizing the positive charges. The water will change color according to the organ that is being cleansed. You will see increased energy after using the foot bath. Detoxing the body is essential for better health. Make a change in your health with the ion cleanse bath.

Ear Candling

Ear candling is an alternative medicine practice used to improve general health and well being by lighting one end of a hollow candle and placing the other end in the ear canal. The heat of the candle will draw out any substance such as extra ear wax from the ear canal.


A few of the Benefits of Reflexology include:

-Relief from Anxiety-Depression

-Increases Energy, Boosts Circulation

-Pain reductions

-Eliminates toxins

-Clears Organ Dysfunction

-Speedy recovery from injuries

-Regulates blood pressure

-Stimulates nerve function

-Helps with headaches, allergies, asthma

Book your appointment today

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday 5:00-8:00

One Hour----$85.00

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